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Am I a business expert?


I’m an expert on the neuroscience of learning, the psychology of productivity, and the creative process.

Whether you’re a manager looking to improve your staff, an entrepreneur in pursuit of greater sales, an employee climbing the corporate ladder, or a business owner in need of fresh ideas, I can help.

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Career Coaching

“I began working with Chris after a year into starting my career in real estate.  It was a complete game changer.  With real estate being a largely self-motivation based business and after years of working in the service industry where I always had a clear plan and defined goals, I was having some trouble consistently engaging and reinforcing the right habits to see success.  Chris has helped me turn that around with a number of strategies and practices to help me not just now, or just with one area of my life, but in any area of concern by establishing quality habits and a positive, productive mindset.  I can’t speak highly enough of the value in having spent my time working with Chris.”
-Sean MacDonald
  • Productivity: efficiency, effectiveness, and consistency
  • Focus: organization, prioritization, and deep work
  • Communication: clarity, charisma, and persuasion
  • Stress: use a strategic approach to handle stress better
  • Advancement: skills, knowledge, and innovation
  • Transition: direction, purpose, and passion
“You awoke the knowledge seeker that lay dormant inside me. You reminded me of my own passion and propensity for learning. The paths I am embarking on now and will seek in the future are a direct result of your actions.”  -Monica Kim

One-on-one coaching: $75/hour, due at time of service. 

No long-term commitment required. Some clients choose to work with me on a regular basis, but many get everything they need from just one or two sessions.

Staff Training

I’m excited to offer the following 1-hour class:
Better Responses to Stress Through Skills and Strategy
Price: $500

In addition, I would love to help you:

  • Reduce turnover and increase employee effectiveness
  • Improve workplace culture and employee mindsets
  • Incorporate the neuroscience of learning into new-hire training

Creative Consulting

  • Growth strategy
  • Problem-solving
  • Copywriting and editing

One-on-one coaching: $75/hour, cash or check made out to Chris Loper, due at time of service.

No long-term commitment required. Some clients choose to work with me on a regular basis, but many get everything they need from just one or two sessions.

“Chris Loper has been an enormous part of the growth of my business over the last two years.  Chris is an outstanding academic coach, but he has offered so much more to my business than his coaching skills.  Chris is an excellent writer.  In addition to writing our blog and in-office literature, he does the bulk of editing and copy-writing for my business.  Chris has also helped me to both clarify and reach my business goals.  For example, I had long wanted to teach some small classes during the summer, and Chris pushed me to launch this program, clarify the content of the classes, include additional classes, and advertise them effectively.  
Chris Loper has also offered a wide variety of creative contributions to my business, such as how to use our office space more effectively, new ways to market the business, additional services to sell our existing clients, and the implementation of time-saving processes such as FAQs and mass-emailing.  Lastly, with his psychology background, he is a constant source of ideas for how we can improve our one-on-one work with clients.”
-Greg Smith, owner, Northwest Educational Services