Life Coaching

“Chris’s coaching has made it easier to be the person I want to be.”  -Sean MacDonald

I offer practical, no-nonsense life coaching that you can apply immediately. 

I’m not a spiritual guide, a wellness guru, or a therapist.

I help people make concrete plans, I encourage helpful shifts of mindset, and I teach proven strategies.

I want to help you become the best version of yourself by showing you how to consistently move in the right direction.

Learn more about my approach here.

“I tried out one of Chris’s productivity coaching sessions and walked away with skills I now incorporate into my day-to-day to make life more meaningful, more intentional, and more fun!” –Sara Sanford, Chief Strategy Officer, Gender Smart 

Behavioral Change

Are you struggling to implement the advice of your doctor or psychologist? Not doing the homework assigned by your physical therapist?

I’ve been there. I figured out how to make it happen, and as a result, I healed my injuries, regained my strength, and restored my mental health. You can too.

Is there a good habit you’d like to start or a bad habit you’d like to quit?

I’ve been there, too. I teach proven strategies that are backed by scientific research as well as my own experience. I’ll also make sure you’re approaching this change effort with helpful mindsets rather than the counterproductive attitudes that are, unfortunately, all-too-common.

Are you held back by procrastination or perfectionism?

I’ll help you get started, keep going, and feel good about the progress you’re making.


Is greater happiness your #1 goal?

I spent three years researching and writing about the science of positive emotions, followed by a year teaching this content in weekly seminars. What I have to offer is a mountain of empirically valid ideas that you will find both understandable and actionable.

Then, having established what to do, we’ll shift gears and work on how to do it consistently.

Looking to holistically improve your productivity, efficiency, confidence, and happiness?

I will suggest ways you can raise your average across the board and work with you to take action.

Is stress getting the better of you?

I will teach you how to use skills and strategy to turn stress into fuel.


Not sure what’s next for you?

I will help you get clear on where you really want to go.

Have a goal but not sure how to get there?

I will help you make a concrete plan of action.

Know how to get there but struggling to take action?

I will help you implement proven productivity strategies.

Already have a goal, a plan, and already taking action, but looking to step it up and optimize?

I will coach you on how to maximize your efforts and prioritize your time.



One-on-one coaching: $75/hour, due at time of service.

No long-term commitment required. Some clients choose to work with me on a regular basis, but many get everything they need from just one or two sessions.

I live and work in Seattle.