My Approach

“The problem is not you. The problem is the problem. It’s hard because it’s hard. The solution is mechanical. Work the problem.” -Steven Pressfield

This piece of wisdom from author Steven Pressfield beautifully encapsulates my approach. The problems that you face are not difficult because there is something wrong with you, they are difficult because you’re not approaching them with the right techniques.

So my primary role is to arm you with the strategies, tools, and tactics that make it easier to handle life’s challenges, and then help you apply those “mechanical solutions” consistently.

We’re also going to cultivate in you more helpful mindsets about yourself, the challenges you’re facing, and life in general. This does not mean you’ll blindly adopt “positive thinking.” Instead, you’ll develop realistic optimism that is grounded in pragmatic, positive action. You will become an active agent in your own success and wellbeing.

My advice comes from three sources: psychological science, the examples of others, and my own experience. I simplify the science without losing its truths, making it understandable and actionable.


I practice what I teach – I live this stuff. But I’m not perfect, and I don’t expect you to be either.

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. My coaching will be individualized to fit your unique personality and your specific needs. Figuring out what works for you will probably involve many little experiments.

And there is no magic pill or “secret” that will instantly make everything better. Instead, there are many small things that you can do to steadily make incremental progress.

Although my approach is long term, you don’t need to see me long term. You will probably only need to see me a handful of times to kick-start your self-improvement program.

Let’s do this.

P.S. You can learn more about my approach by reading this blog and the blog I write for Northwest Educational Services.