It doesn’t matter who you are, you surely have behaviors you’d like to change, and there’s no shame in getting help.

Maybe you’re not implementing the advice of your doctor or therapist. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur or writer who isn’t putting the work necessary to succeed. Maybe you’re a college student with a habit of procrastinating. Maybe you’re recovering from an injury, but you’re not doing your physical therapy homework. Maybe you’re a parent who’s struggling to be present with her children because of the draw of social media and email. Maybe you’ve heard about the benefits of meditation, but you’re not sure how to start the habit. Maybe you’re an alcoholic who’s ready to quit.

My one-on-one coaching supports the difficult process of behavioral change. If you know what would be best for you, but you’re not doing it, I can help.

Sessions are one-hour in length and $75.

I offer a free phone consultation. Contact me today to make an appointment.